Who We are



Here at Centennial, our mission is simple! We exist to disciple and serve people, to the Glory of God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Everybody, Everywhere, Everyday!

We are a body of believers who are committed to following Jesus Christ, in word and deed and we are delighted you have taken a few moments to browse our website.  While you are here, you will find out what we believe about The One we serve, through various opportunities, how we serve and just why we have committed ourselves to Loving Jesus Christ with our whole heart, soul, mind and strength.

Our hope is that, through Invitation you will hear his voice, through Inclusion you will feel His touch,through Investment  you will learn his ways and through Involvement you will become His hands and His feet so that The Spirit of God will Inspire you to live your most amazing life, to His Glory!

Enjoy our website and whether you are seeking a new church home or have questions about this man we call Jesus, We would love to meet you!


In His Grace,

Centennial Olivet