Serendipity. The word is defined as “a chance happening”. But there is more to it than that. When we factor in that nothing, absolutely nothing happens in God’s universe without His knowledge, and we also factor in the intertwining of our lives with others’ lives, we see that the human experience weaves itself into a many-colored and richly textured fabric that extends back to the beginning of humanity, and interlocks hearts and minds across the globe and throughout time.


It has not always been pretty. The human mind is capable of unspeakable evil.
It has not always been ugly. The human mind is capable of unimaginable greatness.
But it has always been consistently inconsistent.


When I think about the events of my life, and the events of those around me, and how they are all woven together with the lives of others and their experiences into this fabric, I can only sit back in awe at how God will use the experiences of people I have never met, but given to me through the testimony of people I have come to know as a result of my struggles, to provide a path of hope for people I may not yet know, in order that they may overcome their struggles, to help others, possibly relating the experiences of those whom they have never met to help those whom they have not yet met … this boggles my finite mind …
When we see how all of this fits together, the thing we thought of as serendipity starts to look more like a tapestry of infinity woven from experiential humanity.
Tell that special someone that you love them, but do it by actions, not just words.